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“Waiting Isn’t Living

My life hasn’t been a straight line or a clear path. But it has been exhilarating, passionate, emotionally liberating, spiritually transformative, profoundly humbling  and sprinkled with fun.

What I’ve done doesn’t begin to tell the story of who I am. It can’t. Not for any of us. We are all far more interesting and complex than that.

But this website is about the highlights and what I’m doing right now…

I won’t bore you with the details of “and when I was five…” but I did start out in the theatre as a kid. I started formal theatrical and dance training as a pre-teen with a local theatre company and went on to study dramatic arts in college. Commercial print modeling took off when I was working in a bar to pay off my student loans, and was asked to audition for a beer commercial. It was my first open call – 400 girls and I got the job!  Suddenly I was a “poster girl”.

Commercial print modeling allowed me to live and work in Europe, spending time in Athens, Istanbul, Zurich, Milan and London where I also found work as an assistant for an independent film producer and did some script doctoring as well.

Along the way I maintained a robust voiceover career, many times recording auditions and small parts in hotel closets with portable recording equipment.

Eventually my love for the theatre brought me to study with legendary acting coach Uta Hagen: a process that transformed my approach to the craft and in many ways to life. It led me to such roles on stage as Blanche in Streetcar Named Desire, Alyss in Sex Tips for Modern Girls and as Karen in David Mamet’s iconic Hollywood satire, Speed The Plow.

In 2016 I finished shooting two festival shorts The Perfect Family and Beyond Approval, as well as the independent feature The Master of Pulpits. The Perfect Family went on to be featured at six film festivals in the months following it’s release. Recently I was cast in the feature film The Bandit Hound II with Lou Ferrigno, Paul Sorvino and Catherine Bell, and a hot web series Uncensored Hollywood. In early years, I also appeared in the television series Mutant X, Doc, Singles Court, PSI Factor, and have hosted for HGTV.

For more current happenings and a peak into my day to day, or just to connect, be sure to reach out on social 🙂

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