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HAIR: Blonde         EYES: Hazel         Height: 5’4″         Weight: 115 lbs
SAG / AFTRA  +  ACTRA – Canadian


MUTANT X – Supporting – Fireworks Productions, Terry ingram
DOC – Supporting  – Pebblehut Productions, Larry McLean
SINGLES COURT – Guest Star – Red Apple Entertainment, Stan Lipsey
PSI FACTOR – Supporting – Alliance Atlantis, Ron Oliver
HUNGRY FOR SURVIVAL – Supporting – ABC MOW, Tobe Hooper
PRINCE STREET – Supporting – Pilot, Richard Lewis


THE BANDIT HOUND II – Co-Star – All In Films, Michelle Danner (PRE-PROD)
MASTER OF PULPITS – Co-Star – Hypnoscope Productions – Alex Sarkissian
PACT WITH THE DEVIL – Co-Star – Cinema 4 Films Inc., Allan Goldstein
DEATH, DECEIT & DESTINY ABOARD  THE ORIENT EXPRESS  – Co-Star – Towers of London Films, Mark Roper
HIGH ADVENTURE – Co-Star – Filmstudio Bojana, Mark Roper
AQUARIUS – Supporting – Helioglyph Films, Kory Juul
EIGHT DAYS A WEEK – Supporting – Underdog Productions, Michael Davis
ONE TOUGH COP – Supporting – Patriot Pictures Feature, Bruno Baretto
WOO – Supporting – Gotham Ent., Daisy Von Scherler Mayer


AWAKENINGS – Co-Host PILOT – LCW Productions (LA)
LOVE BY DESIGN – Co-Host HGTV – Warren Sulatycky


BEYOND APPROVAL – Co-Star – SHORT- Inspiration Network, Justine Renee 2016
THE PERFECT FAMILY – Co-Star – SHORT – 68th & Star Prod, Ron Sierra 2016
UNCENSORED HOLLYWOOD – Recurring – Web Series, Derek J. Reid 2016
SHADES OF GREY – Staring – SHORT-Khan Productions, Ian Reid
ART AND LOVE – Co-Star – SHORT-Opulent Eye Prod., Darrin Suzuki
CHRISSIE AND MAX – Co-Star – Chrissie & Max Prod., Melissa Oram

VOICE OVER, PRINT, COMMERCIALS – List available upon request.

THEATRE (select)

SPEED THE PLOW – Karen – Lead Oxford Playhouse, Peter Gill
CHEATERS – Michelle – Lead St.Thomas Theatre, Edward Blum
SEX TIPS FOR MODERN GIRLS – Alyss – Co-Star 7 Stages Atlanta, David Julian
STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE – Blanche – Lead Oxford Playhouse, Tom Littler
MIXED DOUBLES – Lily – Lead Theatre London, Cheryl Jennings

TRAINING (select)

SCENE STUDY: Uta Hagen (NYC) Michelle Danner, Kurt Reis, David Rotenburg, Bruce Clayton, Maria Towers (London)
ON CAMERA Techniques: Edgemar Center – Michelle Danner, Mark Brandon, Marc Baur, Lindsay Walker, Lynne Carrow, Candice Elzinga, Michelle Allen,Karen Hazzard
Voice / VOICEOVER: David Smukler, Bill Vincent, Francois Grisse, Actraworks – Roland Parliament, Jessie Thomson, Elva Mai Hoover
IMPROV & COMEDY: Second City -Toronto, Derek Reid – Edgemar, Cheryl Jennings (London), ABC Primetime Comedy – Marci Phillips (NY)
AUDITION Techniques: Ace Studios (Burbank) Actors Creative Workshop (Burbank) SAG Foundation (Los Angeles) Hollywood Acting Studio (Los Angeles)  *multiple instructors at all locations
The Actor’s Retreat: Paul Lambert, David Ferry, David Smukler, Christopher Bauer


Sports: Scuba Diving, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Weight Training, Yoga
Professional: Hand Model, Life Coach, Counsellor, Astrologer

90210 Talent Agency  – Alan Coto

*Note: several headshot are included in resume pdf  and all image are on IMDB

CASTING: For full profiles and agency contact please visit:

 LA Casting , Actors Access , Now Casting , Casting Frontier and e-Talenta (Europe)