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Podcast | Fearless with Heather Martin: Keeping Fitness a Priority with Hunter Phoenix

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Fearless with Heather Martin Podcast
Fearless w Heather Martin Podcast | A Journey Into Health | November 2023

“We Will be diving into have Fitness has shaped Hunter’s life, how she continues to keep health and fitness in her routine despite being a busy boss lady and so much more!

  • How did fitness become part of Hunter’s life: Her Journey through health and fitness
  • Conversation on how food makes you feel, the real foods and the processed and sugary foods
  • Hunter’s two rules of thumb: If it grows eat it if it doesn’t don’t
  • Hunter on going to the gym and how it was for her when she used to join bodybuilding competitions
  • Pushing yourself from the Fitness perspective means being able to push yourself in other aspects of your life”
Fearless with Heather Martin Podcast

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