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Podcast | Thym for Tea with Mikita: Breaking Barriers & Building Dreams with Hunter Phoenix

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Podcast interview Thym for Tea with Mikita
Thym for Tea Podcast | Finding Courage & Creating Space | August 2023

“In a recent conversation with award-winning actress, voice-over artist, and digital content creator Hunter Phonex, she shared some invaluable advice for solopreneurs and creatives alike: “Don’t chase.” As entrepreneurs and creators, we often find ourselves chasing after our dreams and aspirations, but Hunter implores us to take a step back, ground ourselves, and focus on planning instead.

From growing up in housing projects to making a name for herself in Beverly Hills, she’s navigated the tumultuous path to stardom with tenacity and grace. Join us as she shares her intriguing journey, the triumphs, and trials alike, and how she used each experience to fuel her success.”

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Mikita Smith Podcast Interview with Hunter Phoenix

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